Cartoon Figures

Below is a page from my sketchbook, showing a few of the different cartoon figures you can draw using the step by step method for drawing the cartoon body. As with the Cartoon Faces example, many different shapes and sizes were used to create these figures; some are tall, some are small. When drawing cartoon people, you can use almost any shape you want, remembering to make sure the different parts of your character--heads and bodies--fit together well. You can make them as funny-looking as you want; the funnier the better!

Take your sketchbook and fill up several pages of figures--men, women, boys, girls; fat people, skinny people, strangely shaped people; even aliens! The more you practice the better. If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, go out into the street and just look at people as they pass by. The world is full of people of every shape and size! You can also look at picture books, magazines, and TV; these will give you terrific ideas of different people you can draw.

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