Sketchbook Pages

Welcome to my Sketchbook Pages! Below you will find links to actual pages of my personal sketchbook. These will allow you to see completed examples of some of the many different cartoons you can make by following my ever-expanding Drawing Lessons!

Since my list of lessons is always growing, so are my sketchbook pages! These pages are useful for showing each lesson in action. Remember, my lessons are designed as guidelines only, not strict rules. One great thing about cartooning, is there are very few strict rules. Therefore, by modifying each lesson slightly, you can come up with many different designs and styles! Different shapes will give you different heads, faces, and bodies. You can use the same basic rules to draw almost anything: animals, insects, plants, buildings, anything you can think of!

These sketchbook pages will also serve to help spark your own creativity. Out of ideas? Don't know what to draw? Come and see what I've drawn. Print them out, and try to copy them. Don't simply trace, but try using the lesson guidelines to make the same or similar sketches.

Click any of the links below to get started!

Solo Build It!

Cartoon Heads and Faces

Cartoon Figures

Cartoon Hands

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