Comic Books

Welcome to the Comic Books page. Here you will find many of the comic books and related art I've created over the years.

I've been drawing and making comic books ever since I was a kid. Along with my brothers Samuel and Jonathan I would spend hours and hours writing and drawing comics, and having lots of fun doing it, too. I continued making original comic book art into my adulthood, and have even had some published.

This page is new, and is still in its conceptual stages. So for now, look around and have fun! Visit often, as more content will be added in the near future!

As with everything on this site, these comics are copyrighted, so be respectful, have fun reading them, but please don't steal them, or use them for personal gain. Thanks!

I also want to point out that the website provider limits me on the size of images I can load onto the website. Because of this, some of the comic book pages may be difficult to read. I'm working on improving this, but until then, I apologize for any that are difficult to read.

As an alternative, for a small fee I would be happy to send you full-sized copies of any of these comics, or any of my other cartoons posted on this site. Simply mail $5.00 to my address here, and scrolling down to the bottom of the screen. This fee is simply to cover shipping and handling expenses!

Thanks, and have fun!

Spitballs: The First Saliva These are a small series of comics I made based on an (as yet) unpublished manuscript written by my brother, Samuel Richards, years ago. They were published in issues of a comic anthology entitled "Big George and Friends" a few years back. Click on the link, and enjoy!

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