Drawing the Head in:
Side View

Welcome to drawing the head in side view! This is another important view for the cartoon character, because--in my experience, at least--used more often than the front view. You don't really have to worry about perspective; the nose is a bit more defined, but you only have to draw one eye and one ear; and the hair is a bit more simplified.

1. Start with your basic circle or oval shape for the head. Draw in the guidelines for the placement of eyes, nose, and mouth.

2. Pencil in the eye, nose, mouth, and ear. In this case, I used circles for the eye and pupil, a backwards "C" shape for the ear, a triangle-shape for the nose, and a line for the mouth. Since I'm drawing a woman's head, I made lips around the mouth-line using roundish, ovalish shapes.

3. Add a neck with a couple of lines, and the hair. For this character I added lines for shoulder-length hair, bangs, and a head-band.

4. Ink your drawing and erase the pencil lines. After erasing the pencil lines, fill in the black areas. I added a few embellishments, such as eyelashes and an earring. And we're done!

As with the Three-Quarter view, you'll see many examples of the Side View in the comics pages of the newspaper. Study these, and practice as much as you can.

Check out the Sketchbook Pages for examples of the head drawn in many views, including Side View.

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