Miscellaneous Giggle Gallery

This gallery includes all the cartoons that don’t fit into another category, either because they are silly and off-the-wall, or they have to do with a subject I haven’t drawn many cartoons about. Subjects and themes range from robots and superheroes to restaurants and talking toes! This is the most varied gallery, so stay a while and have a good look!

Assassinate Bad Breath BadFruit BabyMan BadFruit Briefcase
Broom StoriesButterflies Captain_ForgetfulCollegeDeadDentist
Painless Dentist Dentist DiggerDetention,Please!Do I Look Fat?Exhaust Falling Rock
Farmers Market Fresh PotatoesFun with the FluGhost JobGunfightHalf Full
Heart Attack Keg vs. Six-PackMassageNose PickerNovel ResearchPortions
ProzacRamboRobot_Love RobotussinSpoonsStool Sample
Storage SpacesSuperguyUpVegetarian CowboysVentriloquist

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